O’Dell should focus on NIU

Students are paying millions for athletics. The men’s basketball team is off to a slow start. The football tream just came off a disastrous 2-9 season. And NIU Athletic Director Gerald O’Dell feels he has the time to work another job.

O’Dell, who gets paid $81,000 by NIU, has been helping the University of South Florida to start a football program. He is working through a company called Sports Research Group of Charlotte, N.C.

Even stranger is that the manager of the research group used to wjork for Raycom Management Group. NIU has paid Raycom $8,513 to find current men’s basketball coach Brian Hammel. This does not prove anything, but it makes one think.

Also, $81,000 should do enough for one year. For an administrator who gets paid more than most professors, he should be willing to show loyalty to NIU.

O’Dell should quit his moonlighting. The athletic program needs someone willing to totally commit to a program which needs a lot of care.