The most bingeworthy shows of 2022


Ollie Upton / HBO

A scene from “House of the Dragon” featuring Olivia Cooke, Paddy Considine, Evie Allen, Steve Toussaint, Eve Best and Shani Smethurst (from left)

By Sarah Rose, Lifestyle Editor

2022 was one of the best years for films and TV shows. Here were some of the most bingeworthy TV series that came out last year.

House of the Dragon (HBO Max)

Return to the Game of Thrones world in “House of the Dragon.” The show follows Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen of the Targaryen Dynasty and a unique cast of characters as they struggle for power, alliances and the Iron Throne. The show is 10 episodes long, beginning with young Rhaenyra, played by Milly Alcock, and then jumping ten years forward in the sixth episode. Betrayals and lies run deep in the Targaryen family, making “House of the Dragon” an action-packed, drama-filled TV show. The show has been picked up for a second season and filming is set to begin in March.

Wednesday (Netflix)

Get the popcorn ready for Netflix’s comedy horror show “Wednesday.” Witty and sadistic Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, gets shipped off to Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts and the supernatural. While not-so-happily adjusting to her new school, Wednesday gets put in the middle of a murder mystery where she takes it upon herself to uncover who’s trying to kill Nevermore students, and herself. “Wednesday” is full of secret societies, digging up past secrets, drama and witty comebacks – what more could you ask for? On January sixth it was announced that Netflix would continue “Wednesday” for a second season.

Heartstopper (Netflix)

Based upon the bestselling graphic novels by Alice Oseman, “Heartstopper” is the perfect, feel-good TV show to binge. Teenagers Charlie and Nick, played by Joe Locke and Kit Conner respectively, form a bond and figure out who they are to each other in this sweet coming-of-age series. Following not just Charlie and Nick, but four other diverse characters, “Heartstopper” explores identity, sexuality and how difficult it is to be different in a cruel world. The characters are well thought out and will make viewers cry, laugh and everything in between. Filming for season two was completed in December 2022. 

Andor (Disney+)

Get introduced to the Star Wars universe in “Andor.” This series follows Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna, as he goes from rebel spy to Rebellion hero. Set in a time when Darth Vader’s Empire is plaguing the galaxy, “Andor” explores how the Rebellion, a large group of individuals who hope to overthrow the Galactic Empire, got started, and how normal citizens can make such a huge difference. The show really dives into how different parts of the galaxy are being affected by the regime and who’s willing to risk everything to get ahead in rank or status. Cassian’s character and backstory are also explored more in-depth, and how he came to be a beloved war hero. Viewers should expect season two to be released sometime in 2024.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Amazon Prime Video)

Set thousands of years before the events of “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”, “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” follows the awakening of a Dark Lord, and the rally of Middle-Earth inhabitants to stop his wicked forces. The series is full of numerous storylines, which may feel overwhelming, but they give fans new, fleshed-out characters. Full of magic, war, beloved characters and a spreading dark evil, “Rings of Power” will please old and new fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s original fantasy world. Filming has started for season two.