New Shania Twain, M. Night Shyamalan coming out next week


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Actor Rupert Grint, Director M. Night Shyamalan, Actor Nikki Amuka-Bird and Actor Ben Aldridge at a special screening of “Knock at the Cabin.”

Shania Twain – “Queen of Me” 

On Feb. 3, Canadian pop-country musician Shania Twain will release her first album in six years, titled “Queen of Me.” This will be her sixth studio album. The album features lead singles such as “Waking Up Dreaming” and “Giddy Up!”, which are more influenced by pop than country. In leaving her country roots for these singles, Twain also left her country music label, Mercury Nashville. Since leaving her previous label, Twain has signed with Republic Nashville, a subsection of major label Republic Records, according to a press release. “Queen of Me” will be available on major streaming services and will have physical copies. 

“Knock at the Cabin”

The newest M. Night Shyamalan film “Knock at the Cabin” comes to theaters on Feb. 3. The film details the lives of a family of three who, while on a family vacation, hear a knock at the door of their cabin by a group of unknown people. As these visitors reveal themselves as tellers of the apocalypse, they also inform the family that they must select one member of the family to sacrifice to stop the apocalypse. The film follows the family’s attempted escape from the cabin and the arduous problem of choosing one person to sacrifice. 

“80 for Brady” 

On the other hand of the film spectrum, the Feb. 3 theatrical release of “80 for Brady” follows the story of a group of elderly women who, wanting to fulfill their dream of meeting football legend Tom Brady, go to the 2017 Patriots superbowl. The group gets to the Super Bowl and, since they don’t have tickets, go through a series of hijinks in order to get into the game. The group of friends is played by acting legends Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field. This all-star cast may seem like a waste of talent, but the film may be the next great absurd comedy. Look out for appearances from Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady, who is also a producer of the film alongside Donna Gigliotti. 

“Murf the Surf: Jewels, Jesus, and Mayhem in the USA”

Produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, “Murf the Surf: Jewels, Jesus, and Mayhem in the USA” is set to release on Feb. 5 on MGM+. The four part docuseries follows the life of Jack Roland Murphy, the first major true-crime celebrity. Murphy, a run of the mill surfer from California, lucked into the jewel heist of his life. When Murphy found that the American Museum of Natural History had left its windows open during the night and that their alarms were not functioning, he decided to take 24 prized jewels from the museum’s J.P. Morgan collection, for which he served 3 years in prison. The mini-series follows Murphy’s life in prison following a later murder that he committed and his conversion to Christianity, which led to his release from prison and a quick accumulation of wealth.