Ill-concieved edit

I have just finished reading the most ill-conceived editorial I have ever seen. I’m referring to the editorial of Nov. 5, containing the helpful hints to save money here at NIU

Specifically, I’m wondering about the suggestion that we “seriously reconsider the development of an engineering program.” I was under the impression that the College of Engineering already exists. Well, I checked and it does exist and has for some time.

In fact, the program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology. The College of Engineering has as much right to exist and grow as any other college at NIU.

How did the editors come to the decision that Engineering should get the ax? It obviously stems from an ignorance of the College of Engineering itself.

Perhaps The Northern Star editors should reflect on the cost of maintaining a newspaper that can only misinform its readers.

Scott Lang

Graduate Student

Electrical Engineering