Letters spark robust debate

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it is time for The Northern Star to say thank you to the readers who have filled the Issues page with letters nearly every day.

When the Star puts out a paper for NIU students, faculty and administration to read, the process of interaction has only begun. We have put out the news that we feel is important, but how you feel about the Star is important also. This semester, Star readers have shown concern about the issues this newspaper has presented.

The responses we have had regarding the Holocaust issue, the White Student Union, NIU spending and others have shown a wide range of opinions. These opinions have probably become the most exciting part of the paper.

In looking at other newspapers, both college and professional, rarely will one have the opportunity to read the wide-open debates which take place on the Issues page.

Star employees would like to take some of the credit for encouraging this, but those who take the time to read articles and write letters deserve the real thanks. The Star does not pretend to have the last word. Often, the last word belongs to one of our readers.

So, thank you NIU. You have helped to make this newspaper a marketplace for exciting and original thoughts.