‘Lockwood & Co.’ delivers a fantastical story of a world plagued by ghosts


Nick Glover

The “Lockwood & Co.” page with a description on the Netflix website.

By Sarah Rose, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Netflix’s original series “Lockwood & Co.” takes place in a London similar to our own; in this world, ghosts are very much alive and dangerous. 

The show takes place in England, and right away the viewers are thrown into the action of a dangerous ghost-hunting mission. The first 10 minutes set the scene for how the show is going to be like: high stakes and enigmatic. Netflix categorizes it as a thriller, but it’s not scary. The show is more of a mystery drama with a bit of comedy. 

The characters take their ghost-hunting roles seriously, but they are still kids whose humor reflects their age. This is one of the few TV shows where Netflix has cast teenage actors to play teenage characters instead of 30-year-olds. 

In this alternate England, ghosts are not a rare sight. Malicious ghouls roam streets and houses which has caused dozens of agencies to pop up over the country. These agencies have the task of capturing these spirits by enlisting the youth. This epidemic, in which the touch of a ghost kills, is known as the Problem. 

Amidst the enforced night curfew and stock up of iron and salt, which weakens ghosts, life goes on as usual. Agencies train kids starting at age 13 who have Talent; those who are either listeners, feelers or seers. Children with Talent are able to detect ghosts and are trained in the ghost-hunting business, leaving them to be the ones the country depends on. 

The series has three main characters but particularly focuses on Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes), who is a rare listener and feeler. After witnessing her friends getting killed on a mission, Lucy flees to London where she joins Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) and George Karim (Ali Hadji Heshmati) who make up the small but powerful agency Lockwood & Co. 

Over the course of the series, the trio tries to solve a murder, locate a missing relic, explore the ghost-hunting underworld and figure out how the Problem came to exist. Though it is a supernatural series, there are plenty of comedic and ominous elements that make it a highly enjoyable watch. The show is incredibly realistic in conveying how the human species would deal with a ghost plague while also showing how those in higher power take advantage of the youth’s Talent. 

Viewers will find themselves coming up with their own theories of the Problem and the different types of ghosts while anticipating the last episode. The show can go either way for each type of viewer, but for those who are looking for a new thriller series, “Lockwood & Co.” has a pretty good shot at being a worthy binge.