Lack of equality

This letter is in response to the letter written by Mr. Tom Sullivan entitled “For White Unions.”

We believe that if there is a need for white student unions then there is nothing wrong with establishing one, but what is the need for one? The racial term “white” encompasses Greek-, Italian-, Irish- and Polish-Americans just to name a few. Would a “white” student union promote the common and separate interests of all of these groups?

We believe that it would be wrong for white student unions to become established in response to negative notions white people have about black student unions or organizations.

Let us ask ourselves, why do organizations like the Black Student Union exist? First, this is a predominantly white university. This fact provides white students a social and cultural foundation.

Most of the fraternities and sororities on Greek Row are “white organizations” in fact, if not by name. Blacks have these organizations to give us a social and cultural foundation.

Mr. Sullivan is correct in stating that we’re not the only ones discriminated against. It is a fact that other groups are being discriminated against. It is also a fact that no other group bears the brunt of racism more than blacks.

The media bombards us with findings almost everyday about how housing, educational, and employment discrimination hits blacks the hardest out of any other race.

Shouldn’t those hit the hardest scream the loudest? This is the land of opportunity but it is not the land of equal opportunity. When 30 percent of all blacks in America live in poverty and when white families have 10 times more net income than black families, then equal opportunity is not reality.

We believe that it can become a reality and everyone should protest until it becomes so.

Whites do hold the economic dominance in this country, thus whites have the dominance to discriminate. Mr. Sullivan and others should realize that these black organizations and programs are a form of self-help that blacks desperately need.

It should be noted that Clarence Thomas rose to the position that he is in through the help of affirmative action. He needed this because of the lack of equal opportunity for minorities. True civil rights activists promote the availability of equal opportunities for everyone.

We are also in favor of an integrated society, but this cannot become a reality unless there is an understanding by all races about the present conditions. It is going to take the commitment of all races to bring about cooperation and equal opportunity. Then, labels such as black and white student unions will no longer be necessary.

Darryl Sanchez



Alex Lyons

Business Management