Dance not guilty

University Police Capt. James Webster relegated an assumption that the most recent battery incident on campus stemmed from black greek dances.

I could not find the connection or projected association. These were incidents that happened in the residence halls and no members of the black greek community were involved.

How could the police demise the black greek organization and then go so far as to suggest reprimand? I could not find what Webster said as substantive. That was a very narrow-visioned problem-solving approach.

The incidents mentioned in Stewart Warren’s article were totally separate entities in relation to the dances.

Other factors that need to be considered: black greek dances are not the only attraction drawing visitors to DeKalb. The fact that DeKalb is only 61 miles down the road and provides for an environmental change is what draws visitors.

It wasn’t even determined if the visitors involved in the incidents attended the Holmes Student Center parties.

Members of the black greek community, become vocal and exercise the leadership you are capable of. Stop allowing yoursels to fall victim and be used as a scapegoat.

We need to come together and make sure our positive efforts are highlighted. It is clear everyone else will participate in our public demise. We have to fight our own battle.

It is true there was a ruckus involving a pizza deliverer and an incident in Douglas Hall where a door guard was slapped, which the paper clearly states in the article.

But the article highlighted the guard as being battered (meaning to strike blow after blow), which was way out of line.

Granted this happened, but it was not by the black greeks and for the police to suggest the sanctions is far-fetched and will not nip the problem in the bud.

Alfred W. Tatum

Elementary Education