Defend Rockford

Well Eric Krol, you did it again. Why can’t you make an intelligent argument without pissing off half your reading audience?

Your article on white student unions had a point without being offensive by using some stupid oxymoron—whatever the hell that means. But just when I think you’re coming around, you blow it once again by making Rockford, my home town (sorry if that makes me sound like some hick), your “oxymoron” of the week. Care to elaborate on that?

What makes Rockford such a moronic city? Didn’t anyone in your Journalism 101 class teach you that if you’re going to make a point you better follow it up with a few facts? I guess someone as self-important as yourself doesn’t need to be bothered with something as trivial as proof.

Do you have to sit down and rack your brains (do I smell an oxymoron?) for hours to come up with something that will piss people off? I have two new oxymorons for you: Eric Krol and The Northern Star. Sorry guys, but anyone who would keep this arrogant buffoon on their editorial staff derserves it.

Mike Derry