Weekly Huskie

First of all, I am a pretty consistent reader of the Northern Star. I have missed only a few issues because I took the day off of classes. I would like to take this opportunity to address the “Huskie of the Week” award.

Is this award only given to a member of the NIU football team or is it open to all other athletic fall sports in season? Every time I have seen a “Huskie of the Week,” it has been a football player. Don’t get me wrong by thinking I’m knocking any of the members of the football team that have won this award. I’m not!

I commend them on their efforts and great performances while having a disappointing season. My heart goes out to you guys. My heart also goes out to the other fall sports teams.

Now if this award is only given to a member of the football team, I would like to express my feelings by strongly suggesting that all other fall sports players should have an equal chance at being chosen the “Huskie of the Week.” I think that members of the other teams such as: volleyball, soccer, field hockey, cross-country, and other fall sports I did not mention, should be recognized for their outstanding performances.

As a former member of the soccer team at Millikin University, where I was chosen the “Athlete of the Week,” I can honestly say that I was proud and honored to receive the award. The award is something I cherish and is an unforgettable memory in my athletic scrapbook.

I would like to see and feel strongly that members of other teams, besides football, be recognized, nominated and chosen as “Huskie of the Week.” I hope they will receive the same happiness that I did.

To eliminate athletic discrimination on this award, I propose that one member from each of the fall sports be nominated as “Huskies of the Week.”

Joseph M. Tolan


Physical Therapy