Check the facts

I am not against white unions but make sure that “your best interest” is in mind. First let me explain why blacks are labled civil rights activists when they stand up for issues:

1. How would a black student be heard on a primarily white campus if there is no black student union? How many issues relating to blacks would be pushed under the rug or completely forgotten without a black student union? Check the facts.

2. Are there not “white” fraternities and sororities existing on this campus? (Don’t count the one black, one Japanese, one Mexican) Check the facts.

3. Was it a black graduation or black recognition ceremony, there is a difference. Check the facts.

4. The last I heard there was not an educational program limited to blacks. I do believe that there are white CHANCE students. If you are referring to a new Black Educational Program let me know where it is so we can pull up the percent of blacks that graduate. Oops, I almost forgot, check the facts.

I am sick and tired of whites crying about their forefathers who participated in slavery, not them. Even though it happened 130 years ago you want us to forget it? HELL NAW! (“Naw” is a slang poorly-treated blacks use for the word “no”).

You get with the program and realize that the white man is ahead of anybody in today’s work force. Not due to “a land of equal opportunity” but due to the prejudice that began over 130 years ago and is still present in society.

I have something to leave on your mind. I am a black man and I stand among many eager black men that are not only planning to excel in the future work force, but to DOMINATE IT! So before you sign your name to another letter make sure you CHECK THE FACTS and I hope you never have to follow behind me in a job interview because I guarantee you’ll be unemployed!

Malcolm Williams