I would like to ask Tom Sullivan one question, why does Northern Illinois University need a white student union when we have so many already? The Student Association, the Campus Activities Board and other such committees all cater to the needs of “mainstream” students.

Mr. Sullivan wants to know why blacks have their own fraternities and sororities. As I walk the streets of Edgebrook, Hillcrest, Greenbrier and other Greek Row streets it seems to me that white people also have their own fraternities and sororities. I have yet to see a black walk out of any of those houses.

Mr. Sullivan also is sick and tired of hearing blacks talking about slavery that happened 130 years ago. Well I only have to go back 130 days to when Rodney King was beaten by Los Angeles policeman (Mr. Sullivan, notice how slavery has ended and we’re still getting whipped and lynched).

Mr. Sullivan doesn’t believe white people are in a dominant position because of the denial of opportunities to other racial groups. Well, let us look at the facts about the white man’s history of killing and robbing others.

Native-Americans were robbed of their land and killed, blacks were enslaved and forced to build the United States of America, Jews were exterminated and Asian-Americans were taken from their homes and put into concentration camps “for their own good” (I could go on but the list is endless). No other people have a history of conquering others and priding themselves on it.

Finally, I would like to tell Mr. Sullivan don’t tell me who I should follow. If ignorant, closed-minded people like yourself wouldn’t empower people like David Duke, George Bush and Ronald Reagan maybe black people could better their race.

Isaiah Heard III