Thrown for a loop

How am I supposed to feel right now? A university that I have attended and worked at for years has thrown me for a loop. Actually The Northern Star has done it. In the Nov. 8 issue, there was an advertisement for the Committee for the Open Debate on the Holocaust.

I feel betrayed and insulted that the school and newspaper that I am supposed to support will permit a paid advertisement that tells me the death and persecution of my fellow Jews during the Holocaust was and exaggeration and propaganda.

I’m all for freedom of speech. Yahoo. But let’s all use our collegiate imaginations for a minute here. How would you feel if the paper printed a full page advertisement paid for by …

1. One of those crack-pot preachers that runs around the student center telling unsuspecting women that they are sluts and will go to hell.

2. Some white supremist claiming that the slavery of African-Americans is and was justified for the increasing American economy.

3. A historian saying that the white man had every right to take away land from and eventually destroy almost the entire Native-American population.

It’s freedom of speech, but hey, wouldn’t they sell a whole mess of newspapers?

It upset me to not only read that some group can’t leave the memories of 6,000,000 people in peace (the “ad” stated that there were no gas extermination chambers, that the figure of 6,000,000 Jews is an irresponsible exaggeration, and that none of the internees at the camps were deliberately killed), but also because I am so unbelievably angry that this paper will accept trash like this in exchange for money (and of course a greater circulation).

Is this an institution for learning, or one that is more concerned for the interest of its bankroll than the support and interests of it’s students? Well …

Lauren Kurtz



Editors Note: Lauren Kurtz is an assistant production manager at The Northern Star. Her views do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the paper.