Words and order

Question: how far away from language that eliminates ethnic-gender bias is a language that eliminates economic bias and class distinctions as well? Is the word “comrade” going to come in vogue again?

Where are all these mandates, proposals, requirements and rules about racial-ethnic matters coming from? If the president is Republican, where are all these policies coming from? Why haven’t any of these requirements been put to the vote? I thought this was a democracy.

Well, at least one thing becomes clear: America isn’t a democracy; it only has the appearance of one. And sometimes the appearance is stretched thin—if only America would look.

What happened to the idea of majority rule with the protection of minority rights? Who has launched this policy where this concept is now stood upside down and the middle class American majority will be subverted to a minority? Are we all going to lose our right and freedoms under the excuse of protecting minority rights?

And what has happened to our middle class? Where do the taxes end? Do we agree to the middle class being taxed to death ? I thought we rebelled at “taxation without representation.”

When does our democracy get to vote about taxes, on how our college students will speak? Do we want a core curriculum of racial-ethnic studies, or is it being shoved down our democratic throats?

How many of you out there want to bet me that the supposedly spontaneous movement in America towards political correctness, forced racial studies and all sorts of anti-discrimination laws are part of the same spontaneous global movement towards the “new world order” President Bush mentioned several times during the Persian Gulf War?

Yes, I’m arguing that these two movements are the same, being shoved on us domestically and soon globally. I predict America’s political correctness will grow whether we want it or not. Bet on it, comrades.

And now the motive. When Alexander the Great conquered Persia and began forcing Greek culture to mix with Persian culture, even forcing Greeks to marry Persians, he didn’t do it out of the love of diversity. He did it because it made his empire more universal in its power.

You can bet that those “spontaneous forces” of political correctness and the “new world order” people aren’t really concerned with racial harmony, but a more broadly-based power over all members of society. And they will do it in the name of racial harmony and minority rights.

If I’m wrong, then prove it, democratic America. Let’s put these racial-ethnic rules and mandates to a vote nationwide. Let’s put such heavy taxation to the vote. While middle class America still has a majority, let’s test just how free we are.

And will any of you out there understand when President Bush speaks of America’s economic problems being caused by slow business cycles? It is more than that.

The structure of the U.S. economy has been eroding since the late 1960s. Funny how our elected leaders don’t seem to know this. But of course, when capitalism collapses in America from such neglect, it will only prove the socialists were right about the fee market and that a “new world order” is the answer.

Are there any Americans left who aren’t afraid to speak about what they see, or resist it?

Darrel Rizzo