No union at FSU

I am writing with regard to the Oct. 14 article entitled “White Student Union Trend Spreading.”

The article cites one Dinesh D’Souza as stating, in “Illiberal Education,” that there are two universities which have so-called “white student unions.” One of the universities listed is Florida State University.

As a native Floridian, and having recently received my doctorate from Florida State, I would like to inform your readers that D’Souza is as clueless about FSU as many Tribune readers who took the Michigan game’s two-point spread seriously.

A dose of reality is helpful.

Florida State University, located in the state’s capital (Tallahassee) does not have—and hopefully never will have—a “white student union.” On the other hand, the University of Florida, located in a dirty, vile and uncivilized village called “Gainesville” does have a “white student union.”

Clue-up dudes! The two universities are not to be confused. Do your best.

Peter S. Ruckman, Jr.

Assistant Professor

Political Science