Greedy campus

What is it with NIU and money?

Tuition is outrageous and continues to climb. Fees (those mysterious charges with which we pay for things we may or may not want) are over $200.

The price of books is ridiculous. Last semester I paid $163 for my books, and I sold them back for a whopping $17.

I pay almost the same amount for a brown parking permit as the cost of a blue permit, yet there are only two lots where I can park, and one is a 20-minute walk from campus. At the very least, the price of my permit could be reduced.

As of the sixth week of the semester, I had yet to see a dime of my financial aid (yes, everything was completed on time and correctly). I thought financial aid was to help you go to school! Is it helpful when almost half the semester is gone?

Evidently, all this is not enough for our greedy university. It was necessary to milk another 50 cents out of each student who attended the movie on campus Saturday (Sept. 28).

Admission for the movie was advertised in the Star as being $1, but the price charged was $1.50. But, hey, if there were, say, 150 people there, that’s another $75 for them to make, right?

And after all, what’s 50 cents? Unless, of course, you’re still waiting for your financial aid check.

CAB: I want my 50 cents back.

Ann Barnes