Ahoy! 2023 Northern Star Treasure Hunt begins

In order to win this year’s treasure hunt, find the Northern Star’s paperweight and return it to the Northern Star’s office, Room 130 of the Peters Campus Life Building.


Sean Reed

The treasure hunt is held from Monday to Friday. Can you find the Northern Star paperweight and claim the prize?

By Northern Star Staff

Editor’s note: This article will be updated each day to include the most current clue for the 2023 Northern Star Treasure Hunt.

DeKALB — The annual Northern Star Treasure Hunt returns to campus starting Monday, April 10. Find the Northern Star paperweight and bring it to the Northern Star’s office to win approximately $300 in gift certificates and other prizes such as mugs, candles and more.

The Northern Star will release one clue a day from Monday, April 10, to Friday, April 14, to help participants put the pieces together and find where the Northern Star’s labeled acrylic paperweight is hidden. The location will be outside on NIU’s campus. To find the paperweight you will not need to climb anything, go into any water or dig anything up.

Find the Northern Star paperweight and you’ve won approximately $300 in prizes.

Check the Northern Star’s website, social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and TLDR newsletter for daily clues. 

The treasure hunt is open to students, faculty and staff. 

The first person to find the paperweight and return it to the Northern Star’s office in the Peters Campus Life Building Room 130 will be named the winner of this year’s treasure hunt.

All prizes for the treasure hunt have been donated by members of the DeKalb and Sycamore communities. Donors: Hunter Star Properties, Barb City Bagels, Cast Iron Coffee, Buffalo Wild Wings, FNBO, NIU Alumni Association, Fushi Yami, Pittsley Realty, Rosati’s Pizza, Robin’s Nest Bookshoppe, Wired Nutrition and Varsity Square.


You’ll find me near the 100-year-old spot for graduation,
But don’t be confused – atoll is the translation.
Just a short walk away,
You don’t need to stray,
But the geese may unveil their agitation.


Unscramble this clue:
however, at you claustrophobic I the geese my stationed whom I post, am watch roast, I feel.


The phrase below will show the next clue! (5)
Put any eager, rabid, mutt by it, for the man said! I read it eats no quails until I intern right behind, daily.


Life science faculty may stay by this stone,
But students have problems arriving from home.
If a student were to station near me,
They would be auto-gambling, they’d lose (and not for free).


Finish the rhyme:
South by southwest of the media hound (bark),
You might be wondering if this is a stroll in the dark.
Don’t feel ashamed,
You’ve played a great game,
Now it’s time to find a hued place to ____.