Hospitality and tourism management major to change, move


Mingda Wu

The south side of the Holmes Student Center on a foggy day. The hospitality and tourism major has been dissolved, instead becoming an emphasis in the College of Business. (Mingda Wu | Northern Star)

By Joseph Howerton, News Reporter

DeKALB – In 2021, NIU decided the hospitality and tourism management major would be shifted from the College of Health and Human Sciences to an emphasis in the College of Business.

Students previously enrolled in the program are set to graduate in Spring and Fall 2023 with the original major. The new emphasis will be offered with specialized hospitality and tourism management courses starting Fall 2023.

Daewoo Park, associate dean for Academic Programs and Student Success, said the hospitality and tourism management degree was shifted to an emphasis to better prepare students for success in the workplace. Trends in tourism, travel and hospitality have changed in recent years due to COVID-19, which has placed a higher focus on remote technology.

According to Park, classes available in the College of Business would be valuable for students because these shifts in the tourism industry continue toward working with more remote technology. Data analytics, digital marketing, consumer behavior courses, supply chain management logistics and principals in management training are classes offered in the business college that would better prepare students for this future.

“The world is changing, particularly the business world,” Park said. “Our expectation is that our students will be better, more competitive in the job market.”

The past two years have been spent in preparation for HTM to officially transition to the business college while the remaining students studying in the College of Health and Human Sciences graduate.

There are 10 students currently enrolled in the HTM under the health and human sciences school. Five students are set to graduate in May 2023 and the other five will graduate in December 2023.

As the transition finishes, more hospitality and tourism management courses will be offered in Fall 2023 to the 45 to 50 students currently enrolled for the HTM emphasis.

“We are very excited for this change,” Park said. “The last two years we have prepared for the successful implementation of our transition.”

Students currently enrolled for the emphasis have been taking general education courses as the transition happens. Courses on logistics and marketing centered on hospitality and tourism and hotel revenue management are some of what will be offered to the students during the fall semester.

Included with these specialized courses will be opportunities for practical internships working in the hospitality and tourism industry not only in the Chicago and Midwest areas but partnered universities across the country and in South Korea, Japan and Singapore.

Students interested in the emphasis for a business degree can visit the College of Business’ website.