Ends justified

Do the ends justify the means? This is a question which has long plagued mankind.

In a basically rational, sane culture like ours, we have many laws and morals regarding the taking of another’s life. We believe that a person’s right to life takes priority over a person’s right to fire a gun in a public place. In other words, my rights end when they threaten yours.

We have endeavored to capture, convict, lockup and sometimes enforce the death penalty on serial murderers. Animal rights activists also rally to stop the massive killing of seals, whales and turtles. In general, society dictates that killing should be punished.

But what the hell is a fuzzykin? An animal? They talk, so they must be human—or deformed smurfs or something.

What I am getting at is—thanks Baby. I applaud you for your vigilantism, and I hope everyone can see the good that Mr. Costello has done for us all.

Let’s just hope nobody forms a club—”Fuzzykins Are Real Too.” I believe these means justified the ends.

Garren Bugh