Rash of letters

The recent rash of letters written by the freshman students has really made me ponder the deep concerns facing the university.

Not because the issues raised recently are earth-shattering, quite the contrary. My concern is the fact that these are the issues people are choosing to write about.

Busy telephone circuits, crowded buses and class sizes are indeed problems, but isn’t it understood that a university of this size will have, and continue to have, these problems.

It would be interesting to see the issues page of The Northern Star filled with deeper concerns like campus racism, future unemployment and rising costs for education. Instead, we have to read how annoying the elevator problem is in Stevenson North.

If this was an assignment by the freshman English department, fine. It is great to encourage students to use the media to speak out. However, if these are the issues we, as students, choose to voice, I think we need to look at our lives a little more deeply.

Lane Richard Scott


Art Education