New HomeGoods is good for DeKalb


A HomeGoods sign sits near the street. A new Homegoods location is opening in DeKalb, but no opening date has been announced. (Rachel Cormier | Northern Star)

By Emily Beebe, Senior Opinion Columnist

As a college student, it’s always exciting to hear about new stores opening in our local community, especially when the store is as beloved and well-known as HomeGoods. There will be a new HomeGoods opening up in DeKalb. It’s no secret that HomeGoods has a reputation for offering stylish and affordable home decor and furnishings.

Having a HomeGoods store in the community can offer a valuable opportunity for students to explore and discover new items to decorate their dorm rooms or apartments. 

With HomeGoods’ extensive collection of home decorations, rugs, bedding, kitchenware and furniture, students and people in the DeKalb community can find a wide range of affordable options to make their living space feel more like home. They even have a clearance section on their website, so people on a tight budget can still find stylish decor.

In addition to the benefits for students, having a HomeGoods store in the community can also benefit the local economy by creating job opportunities for both students and local residents. With the store’s opening, there may be a variety of job opportunities available such as sales associates, store managers and administrative staff.

Even though HomeGoods benefits the community and students in apartments more than dorms, students living in dorms can still benefit from having a HomeGoods store available nearby. Instead of ordering decorations online, they can easily make a trip to the store and buy decorations in person. 

Students living in dorms or even apartments are living away from home for the first time and may get homesick, so having decorations can make students’ living spaces feel more like home.

For students living in apartments, having a local HomeGoods store can be especially beneficial, as they may need to furnish their apartments on a budget. HomeGoods’ affordable options can help students save money and create a stylish space without breaking the bank.