Editorial: Take a deep breath during finals


Ana Guzman

A girl sleeping while thought bubbles of self care float above. When preparing for finals, it is essential to also make time for mental health.

Before summer comes around, the last few weeks of school are stressful. Students should remember to always take care of themselves first.

With the stress of projects, papers and final exams, students should find methods to keep themselves mentally healthy during a tough time as a college student.


Confide in friends

Being in an environment surrounded by people going through the same thing as you can be comforting. 

One way to prepare for finals is to set up study nights together. Book a study room at the Holmes Student Center or find a whiteboard room in the Founders Memorial Library. You’re surrounded by food, games and, most likely, other students also suffering doing schoolwork at either place.

When you’re with your friends, there’s room to open up a conversation about how you are truly doing, if you’re comfortable sharing. Friends can offer advice or methods to help you work through whatever stressors you may have. By having an open conversation, you can relieve some stress from your plate after talking it out.


Talk with your professors

When the end of the semester comes around, consider attending your professors’ office hours if you think it would be helpful. By speaking to them, you might get more tips on the final exam or project. 

It might also help to speak with professors about exactly where you stand in the class by asking what your current grade is and if there is anything left to do to improve it. If you have late work, this is also a good chance to explain yourself and see if you are able to gain some credit back. 


Plan the rest of the semester

Last minute assignments, extra credit, projects, exams and trying to remember what’s left can be overwhelming. By looking at your syllabi and BlackBoard, writing down lists of what is left to do in each class can ease your nerves. 

Creating a checklist of what needs to be done can narrow down the work you have left. A great app to help is Notion, a free organizational tool that has templates for tasks, to-do lists, scheduling and more. 


Find time to relax

Most importantly, don’t burn yourself out. Students have a tendency to cram everything together in a short time, then be done with school. 

Dedicate time to yourself to do relaxing things, whether that’s taking a walk, watching your comfort TV show or movie, cooking or even calling your parents (well, maybe not that, they might make it worse). Also, make sure you get enough sleep and food to keep your mind and body healthy. 

Do something that you know will keep you calm and in a healthy mindset going into finals week. 

Good luck Huskies, you can finish this long year strong!