Essential travel items to pack


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A woman looks at a to-do list with suitcases, binoculars and a pair of sunglasses in the background. Before your summer travels arrive, create a list of all the essential travel items you need to pack.

By Sarah Rose, Lifestyle Editor

Editor’s note: The Northern Star is not sponsored or endorsed by any of the stores and brands mentioned in this piece.

The end of the school year brings the beginning of summer. Here are some travel must-haves for all the traveling adventures you may take during the next three months.


Sunscreen is an obvious item that should be packed no matter where you’re traveling to. It protects your skin from the sun’s UV rays and reduces your chances of getting skin cancer. When you enter a store looking for sunscreen, there are various brands and SPF’s. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests applying a sunscreen that is both SPF 30 or higher and one that is water resistant. If flying on a plane, pack a travel-sized sunscreen bottle – one that can fit in your carry-on or personal item bag.

First-aid kit

Take the precautionary measure of packing a first-aid kit on your trips just in case a medical emergency happens. Amazon, Target and Staples carry small Johnson & Johnson first-aid kits that can be packed in a suitcase or bag. A first-aid kit usually contains bandaids, cleansing wipes and gauze pads, items that may come in handy if an accident happens. For a more deluxe, expensive first-aid kit, visit the American Red Cross website. First-aid kits tend to include extra room, so feel free to add more items like scissors and cotton swabs. 


Noise canceling headphones come in handy during plane trips and road trips. Got an annoying sibling that keeps bugging you? Headphones allow you to shut them out and enter a peaceful sleep. Covering your ears shuts out the world and all the incessant talking that’s probably going on around you. Amazon has an impressive array of headphones for most people’s liking. For those who are looking for a specific price or color, Amazon will be hard to disappoint in that respect.

Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag helps keep your hygiene and skin products separate and organized. When on the road, a toiletry bag ensures liquids such as lotion, perfume or moisturizer don’t spill. On planes, a toiletry bag is essential because it keeps your liquids together and makes it easier to take them out in case a flight attendant or TSA asks to check them. For individuals who take makeup on trips, consider buying a cosmetic bag to keep your makeup organized and separate from hygiene products. 

Luggage Tag

Luggage tags are specifically for travels that include a plane ride. Most people only utilize luggage tags for suitcases that are counted as checked luggage, but these tags should be attached to all bags and suitcases that you bring. These are important because you can put your name, phone number and email on them in case your luggage gets misplaced or stolen. Buy luggage tags that are unique and colorful, that way they stand out and are easy to spot. 

Wherever you travel this summer, these five items are essential for every trip and should be invested in.