Sideline sitting

In recent weeks the Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities has been attacked. I would personally like to know why.

I am one of the newly appointed members who is also an able-bodied staff member. I have been sitting on the sidelines watching and listening. I do not like what I have heard.

This commission has been in existence for over a year now. Why the mudslinging now? Not last year? The ratio was not much different at the time.

This commission came into existence to help disabled people. Why criticize it?

I may be a TAB, Temporarily Able-Bodied Person, but I live everyday of my life with a spouse who has slowly been robbed of his vision as well as his hearing. I know what he is going through.

I know how the general public treats him. I know how he feels about his disabilities and his limitations. The only thing about him I can’t help is the fact that this has happened to him.

I cannot even start to imagine how I would live with a disability such as his or any other. If my seat on the commission can help others in any way, I plan on doing my best to see that changes are made for the best of all!

I will not resign and I will not run scared! The commission can only be as good as the people supporting it!

Barbara Boubleik

Account Technician