Peace Road to be four-lane road


Northern Star File Photo

Cars drive on Peace Road Saturday near Bethany Road in 2014. The City of DeKalb plans to widen the road to four lanes and add a free-flow right turn lane by around the end of October.

By Joseph Howerton, Video Editor

Correction: This piece has been updated to reflect that the construction will take place between I-88 and I-38 and that the four additional lanes will taper down to two lanes as it reaches Macom Drive. The construction will not be taking place between the tollway of I-88 and the intersection of Fairview Drive.

DeKALB – Peace Road commuters can expect easier driving by Fall but will have to endure road construction in the meantime.

The construction done on Peace Road will take place between I-88 and I-38. Between I-88 and Fairview Drive of Peace Road, the road will widen to four lanes to better accommodate commuter and industrial traffic. The four additional lanes will taper down to two lanes as it reaches Macom Drive. After this segment of road is widened the entirety of Peace Road between I-88 and I-38 will be repaved.

Zac Gill, city engineer of DeKalb, said that because of the current inadequate size of the lanes some accidents have occurred to drivers turning south bound.

Another safety measure and quality of life feature introduced will be a free-flow right turn lane on Fairview lane. Drivers will be able to merge into traffic without stopping.

“It’s actually not much different from what you see on the interstate when you merge down in, only obviously the speeds are much lower,” Gill said.

Other safety measures will be looked at during construction, including checking and replacing traffic lights making sure they are up to code.

The bid for the total construction project on Peace Road was set at $3.5 million. $1.5 million was paid for by the Illinois Department of Transportation and $1 million comes from a mix of DeKalb county tax sharing agreements and a development agreement with Park 88 . Remaining funds will come from DeKalb’s tax revenue from the state motor fuel tax. 

General construction will be performed by William Charles Construction who holds the contract and will be subcontracting local contractors for parts of the Peace Road contract.

Gill said there is no set date when construction will finish but estimates 181 working days and finishing some time in the Fall.

As of now, no closure of Peace Road is expected with this construction, but some lane closures can be expected. Gill says that drivers can stay up to date by going on to the City of DeKalb’s website.

“People need to be aware of the workzone and pay attention to where you’re being directed by signs or flaggers,“ Gill said. “It can change within hours of the day if they need to shift the lane and move somewhere else. It’s more about observing and driving with caution.”