Unfair to team

I would like to extend my support to Charlie Sadler and our football team. There has been quite a bit of Huskie bashing going on this year.

People have been focusing on the negatives of our team too much. I cannot claim innocence because sometimes I do, too. People look at our record and our problems this year with much negative criticism which is unfair to the team.

In an indirect way, the season is not totally lost. People have to start looking at the positive aspects of this season.

We have to realize that we have a young, inexperienced team trying to learn and adjust to a new offense and defense under a new head coach. Every time the team takes the field, the younger players are gaining experience and just getting better; therefore, building a bright future for our football team.

What the Huskies need the most right now is our support which they deserve for their efforts. I have faith that winning football will soon return to NIU.

David Suvada