Challenges to Dixon ill-advised

Three women critical of Sen. Alan Dixon’s vote to put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court are considering challenging him for the Democratic nomination next year. Let’s hope they come to their senses before they derail their own careers.

To be fair, Cook County Recorder of Deeds Carol Mosely Braun, Democratic National Committee member Marjorie Benton and former U.S. District Judge Susan Getzendanner said the Thomas vote isn’t the only problem Dixon has. However, opposing him now makes it seem as if it is.

And the problem with one-issue opponents is that they give the impression they don’t know or care about the other issues of the state.

Besides, challenging Dixon’s vote for Thomas is risky because of the ambivalence many had about the outcome.

Clarence Thomas and Professor Anita Hill were, by most judgments, credible and believable, though they told conflicting tales. The difficulty of Dixon’s choice will not be lost on people who could easily visualize themselves in his shoes.

The real possibility is that Dixon-bashers will be discredited by their adamant insistence on Thomas’ guilt when most people simply aren’t sure.

Above all, a serious challenge to center-leaning Dixon would almost certainly help the Republican challenger. With a solid record of election wins under his belt, Democrats would be wise to discourage primary challenges to Dixon next year.