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NIU ranking is great for LGBTQ+ students

NIU is one of the many colleges that is committed to providing diversity, equity and inclusion. It has definitely paid off as NIU has recently ranked as the No. 1 campus in Illinois for LGBTQ+ students, according to BestColleges.

College ranking lists are popular and one way to determine which college is best for students to attend. Many students and families consult college rankings to determine the best place to go for higher education, according to Time magazine.

NIU ranking No. 1 in the state for LGBTQ+ students is a remarkable achievement. Inclusion, especially in college, is very critical. People want to feel like they belong and feel included at college. NIU’s ranking proves that there is an inclusive environment where all students feel safe, accepted and celebrated for who they are.

This ranking also sends a strong message that LGBTQ+ students are welcomed and are considered integral members of the campus community. 

NIU ranked No. 1 because of the on-campus resources and the Gender Sexuality Resource Center. The Gender Sexuality Resource Center provides numerous resources for LGBTQ+ students and even non-LGBTQ+ students such as ally training, according to their website.

For current students in the LGBTQ+ community, this accolade helps make them feel safe and solidifies that they made the right decision to attend NIU. 

This ranking can even affect future students that are in the LGBTQ+ community. When future students in the LGBTQ+ community are looking at colleges to apply to, NIU could be their top choice based on their inclusivity. 

NIU’s ranking should encourage other Illinois campuses to examine their own policies and programs to see if they are truly inclusive. Other campuses can learn a lesson from NIU’s accomplishment. 

Other universities should provide and prioritize LGBTQ+ support services such as resources, educational programs and counseling for students. Integrating these services is vital in promoting a diverse and accepting environment. As other campuses strive towards similar accomplishments, the hope for a more inclusive higher education experience becomes more achievable. 

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