Couldn’t cheer

While some friends and I were attending the Homecoming game this weekend we noticed something odd.

We were at the south end of the field standing by the goal post behind the fence. We were standing there cheering the Huskies on and generally having a good time.

About halfway through the first quarter, one of the NIU police’s finest decided to tell my friends and me that we had to sit down.

I know that the police must maintain a sense of order in a large event like this, but isn’t this going overboard? Why can’t we stand up and cheer our team? Isn’t this (as John Madden would say) what football is all about?

I guess the First Amendment does not apply to NIU football games (specifically freedom of expression and the right to assemble peacefully).

The police ejected at least one person from the stadium for supporting his team in this manner. Is it such a crime to yell “Go Huskies” here at NIU?

eaven forbid if you have one of those big foam hands that you wave around. They shoot on sight for that offense. Don’t even think about doing the wave.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the NIU police for ruining my first (and last) Homecoming here. Next year, I’ll just go home for the weekend. Good job, guys.

Edward S. Handschuh

Mechanical Engineering