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Become enchanted with ‘Disenchantment’

The logo for the animation series “Disenchantment” stands out against a black background. From the creators of “Futurama,” the show’s final season recently released on Netflix. (Wikimedia Commons)

Magic, darkness and whimsy collide in the fantastical final season of the hit Netflix show “Disenchantment.” 

Inspired by classic fairy-tales and medieval role-playing games, the show follows the misadventures of Bean, the human princess of Dreamland, voiced by Abbi Jacobson; Luci, a demon from Hell voiced by Eric Andre; and Elfo, an elf voiced by Nat Faxon. 

At the end of Season 4, things were wild. All season, Bean’s mother Dagmar, voiced by Sharon Horgon, had been trying to get her daughter to marry Satan to fill a dark pact and gain power. Dagmar’s continual lust for power continues to threaten the peace of the land, and the evil queen doesn’t care who gets hurt. 

In the final episode of Season 4, after Bean refuses to go along with her plans, Dagmar pushes Bean into the sea. 

While Bean was saved by her partner Mora, Season 5 had a lot to wrap up if our heroes were going to save Dreamland from the forces of darkness conspiring against them. 

Season 5 definitely didn’t disappoint with a variety of fun and entertaining episodes that brought out the character’s dark humor and charm. 

I enjoyed the visualization and animations, particularly in the magical and fighting scenes. I also really enjoyed the different fantasy settings. Such as the steampunk inspired Steamland, caves full of colorful crystal and enchanted forest.  

I also really appreciated the relationship between Bean and Mora. Although I think it could have been more developed, I always like seeing same-sex couples in fantasy settings, as I find them to be more relatable.  

After saving Dreamland from her mother, Bean decides not to be queen and just settles down with her wife for a nice, quiet life. I found this to be very wholesome. 

I also thought seeing former Queen Dagmar being punished by Satan for all eternity was a satisfying end for her. 

While a bit cliched at times, overall I found this season to be a pleasant experience.

While the final season was pretty good, the show seemed to wrap everything up with little room for any possible continuation. The producers did market it as the final season, but I’m hoping that maybe we’ll get a spin-off in the future or a movie to see how some of our favorite characters are doing.

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