Dach tackles down year

By David Lance

In NIU’s 22-10 loss to Western Michigan Saturday, Adam Dach rushed for his 3,000th yard as a Huskie.

But reaching the mark achieved by only two other Huskies didn’t excite the senior fullback.

“All it is is a nice milestone,” the leading active collegiate rusher said immediately after the game. “When you’re 1-5, it doesn’t mean anything—it might ten years down the road.”

Dach has since had a few days to think about his milestone, but his sentiments about it haven’t changed.

“At this point, it’s nothing,” Dach said. “I’d trade it for a couple of wins. As a senior, you want to go out as a winner. I’ve never had a losing season up here.

“It doesn’t mean I’m going to be disappointed at the end of the season.”

Personally, Dach hasn’t had the year he’s hoped for either. His average per rush is high (5.7), but his yards are down (386).

“I can sum it up with one word: disappointing,” Dach said. “I set some goals; I’m behind in my yardage goal.

“I know the defenses have been trying to scheme and stop me.”

NIU head football coach Charlie Sadler agreed.

“Because of his ability to make yards,” Sadler said, “the defenses that we’ve played have set their scheme to stop him. The rest of our (offensive) game has benefited because of their efforts to stop him.”

Dach has kept himself busy this year by playing on special teams. He covers punts and kickoffs.

“I don’t know why I want to do it,” Dach said. “I’m glad I got the opportunity. On offense, you don’t have a chance to tackle.”

Sadler doesn’t mind his star running back playing on special teams.

“We’ve allowed him to do that,” Sadler said. “Obviously, the kicking phase is as important as anything else.

“He knows his options are limited. (Opposing defenses) don’t want him running down the field like he did in the Arkansas State game.”

In NIU’s second game of the season, a 22-21 win over AS, Dach rushed for 195 yards, the most he’s ever had in one game as a Huskie.

“He’s been the player we’ve expected him to be,” Sadler said. “We’re happy he reached the 3,000-yard mark.

“He’s a very consistent player for us, whether it be in games or practice. He leads by example.

“Hopefully he’ll have an opportunity to get a shot at the pros.”

Dach hopes so, too. Before the season started, he said he at least wanted the NFL to give him a chance.

“I’m still trying to keep those options open,” Dach said. “My goal hasn’t changed.”