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Senate candidate promises ‘common sense’ and economic growth

DIXON – Chris Bishop declared his Republican candidacy for the 37th Senate District of Illinois on Wednesday, Sept. 13.  

Bishop is an insurance representative and second-term councilman for the city of Dixon and plans to bring a “common sense” approach back to Springfield. 

“We (city council) have maintained a balanced budget and bonded our police and fire pensions to protect the city’s financial future,” Bishop said. “This growth and stability has been fostered by a common sense approach and belief that it can be done.” 

Bishop has worked with the city council to help expand their industrial, retail, and housing sectors. He is also a former middle school teacher who understands the challenges facing schools.  

 “I know it is essential to have our students in schools with faculty and administration that have the resources they need to succeed. I will work to limit the red tape standing in their way,” Bishop promised.  

Bishop also promised to provide first responders with the tools needed to perform their jobs effectively. 

“Our first responders are in need of support,” Bishop said. “They are the ones we look to in our most vulnerable moments, but frequently they find themselves as public targets.” 

Bishop advocated for economic stability in Illinois and warned against the increasing rate at which businesses exit the state.  

“I believe in and will work towards financial stability for Illinois. We cannot allow billions of dollars to go out as fraudulent or overpaid benefits or have billions in outstanding debt and think we are headed for a stable financial future,” Bishop said.   

In a closing statement, Bishop reminded voters he can not solve all the state’s problems, but rather, he will try to be “…a voice of sound judgment.”  

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