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The ever-lasting beauty of Earth, Wind & Fire

The band Earth, Wind & Fire accepts their induction into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2010. The band has rose to fame in the ’70s and is still making music and performing around the world. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Earth, Wind & Fire are a band from the 1970s that specializes in a fusion of soul, jazz, and disco styles of music. Some of the original members still play today, those being Philip Bailey, the lead singer for the band, the drummer Ralph Johnson, and Verdine White as the bassist.  The group was one of the most popular and best-selling bands with music that is still respected and treasured by their fans. 

However, as time went on and new genres of music were released, the era of ‘70s music eventually faded from the spotlight and went unnoticed by some of the younger generation as new artists released different types of music. 

The legacy and work of Earth, Wind & Fire has not disappeared just yet, as the love and knowledge of their work is often passed down by fans who are now parents or newly discovered through other means. 

The band is even performing their music to this day, and they are currently scheduled to play in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Oct. 20 to Nov. 4 and then in Atlantic City, New Jersey from De. 8 to Dec. 9. Tickets can be purchased on

Earth, Wind & Fire’s greatest hits combine Latin, jazz and soul music with positive energy and an infectious beat. Some of their greatest and most essential songs are “Shining Star,” “That’s the Way of the World,” “Reasons,” “Let’s Groove,” “September” and “Boogie Wonderland.” 

A few of their songs have been used in movies and television series as well. To start, a remixed version of “Boogie Wonderland” was sung in the movie “Happy Feet” which was released in 2006. “September” can be heard in the movie “Night at The Museum,” which debuted in 2006, “Shining Star” was used in the movie “Doctor Strange” released in 2016 and “Reasons” was featured in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” that was released earlier this year according to an article by what-song.

The lineup of Earth, Wind & Fire has seen some changes, as some of the band’s members have either retired from playing or have passed away; but nonetheless, the magic of their music remains. Their music portrays the idea of universal love and harmony through a melting pot of different styles of music. 

With the addition of the chorus and lead singer, the band was one of the most influential music groups in the ‘70s, even getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. Not many songs can combine the positive energy and messages with groovy music and even if their music isn’t as widespread as it used to be, its luster still manages to captivate many new listeners and fans from all generations.

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