Not brainwashed

This is my response to Eric krol’s letter of Sept. 10.

Eric, your letter really offended me (maybe as it was intended to), not because you wrote about supporting homosexuals, but because you were Christian bashing.

For your information, I am a member of Campus Crusade for Christ, not for Bible-thumpers, Jesus freaks, or fundamentalists! We are not serving Bible-thumpers, Eric, but we are here to serve Jesus Christ. We are not any person’s minions, but the willing servants of Jesus.

I have never met you. How then can you say that I am brainwashed? Just because you don’t believe what I do I don’t call you brainwashed! I would not judge someone for one belief they hold, no matter how different it was from mine.

Rev. Scott Stocking is associated with Christian Campus Ministry. It is not the same as Campus Crusade for Christ.

You refer to me as a reactionary. I presume that means a conservative. I happen to be a liberal in political matters. S was Jesus, in His concern for people over business. I think I have refuted all your misinformation and generalizations now, haven’t I?

Oh, one more thing. I only remember two or three letters about the subject of homosexuality from Campus Crusade for Christ members last year, whereas letters from nonmembers must have been at least ten times that.

Thank you, Northern Star, for allowing me to express my opinion in your paper.

Rachel Becknell