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Poll: Do you enjoy Leap Day?

Lucy Atkinson
Music notes, a leapfrog, a birthday cake and an engagement ring surround the words: “Leap Year.” Do you enjoy Leap Day? (Lucy Atkinson | Northern Star)

February brings a plethora of events such as Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, President’s Day and Groundhog Day. However, every four years is a Leap Year, which adds a day to February, so instead of 28 days, there are 29.

The origin of Leap Years and Leap Days goes back to the times of early Romans and Julius Caesar. It takes a little over 365 days for the Earth to orbit the sun, which means Leap Years make up for the extra time a normal year cannot, according to History.

Leap Days are shrouded by worldwide superstitions. In Greece, marriages that occur during a Leap Year are rumored to end in divorce, while those in Scotland born on Leap Day are said to live a life of suffering, according to Lonely Planet.

People born on Leap Day have their actual age and a quadrennial age – their age divided by four – since their birthday only occurs every four years, according to Parents.

The fact that people born on Leap Day have two different ages makes them unique. For example, someone born Feb. 29 who is 16 years old has the quadrennial age of 4. 

Leap Day is also full of traditions. In Ireland, women are allowed to ask their significant other to marry them – instead of waiting for the man to ask – on Leap Day, according to Lonely Planet.

There are also celebrations that take place during a Leap Year. Anthony, Texas, near the Texas-New Mexico border, has a four-day celebration that people come from around the world to experience, according to Lonely Planet. During the festival, people are able to listen to music, visit craft vendors and play games, according to the Leap Year Festival.

Superstitions and celebrations aside, Leap Day is a special day for everyone. Although Feb. 29 may seem like any other day, it is truly a special day all should celebrate.

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Do you enjoy Leap Day?


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