Cubs not so hot

I normally do not bother to read the Star editorial page, since over the years it has proven to be more valuable for lining the bottom of birdcages, than as a forum of intelligent opinion.

Since I am one of the world’s most loyal Sox fans and a lover of truth and accuracy, my friends brought to my attention the most recent drivel, that Jim Tubridy attempted to pass off as a column.

While I respect the Star’s right to mindless reporting and the perfoliation of inane editorials, I must insist a greater effort at accuracy.

If Mr. Tubridy finds it necessary to disguise his own shortcomings as a writer behind stupid top ten lists, and insists on deluding himself on the merits of this year’s Cubs team, I ask that he at least get his facts right.

The world does not revolve around Chicago. The “real” opening day is when the Cincinnati Reds play, not the Cubs or Sox. The Sox do not need Bo Jackson or anyone else to “get them into the pennant race.”

They were in it all last year, winning 94 games, a feat the Cubs have only topped once since 1945. Look it up!

Danny Jackson is going to transform the worst pitching staff in the division into a pennant winner? He was 6-6 last year with a championship ballclub, and is under .500 for his career. Look it up!

“The Cubs will field a team of veteran starters … proven to be great … fielders.” George Bell is considered one of the worst outfielders in baseball.

Shawon Dunston made 20 errors last year, and averages even more. He annually leads all shortstops in throwing errors. Look it up!

The Sox need a new stadium to draw fans? In Comiskey’s 80 years the Sox out drew the Cubs more years than not. Look it up!

“Mark Grace. Enough said.” No this is not enough. For the last two years Mark Grace has had the least RBIs of any regular number-three hitter in the majors, and this is with Sandberg ahead of him in the lineup.

He hit 9 home runs in 589 at bats, half of them in friendly Wrigley Field. Frank Thomas hit 7 in 191 at bats, while hitting .330. Enough said.

The Sox will not have to worry about staring at empty seats in the new stadium. They sold nearly 2 million tickets in advance, before the first game of the year, and should draw three million this year. Look it up!

However, the best thing about being a White Sox fan is that Jim Tubridy is a Cub fan. You don’t have to look it up. Take my word for it!

Frank Schuh

History major