Board allocates $22,000 for trips

By Carl Ackerman

Members of NIU’s Athletic Board approved a proposal Wednesday to spend up to $22,000 out of the contingency fund (carryover) for postseason travel expenses.

NIU’s women’s basketball squad competes in the eight-team NWIT in Amarillo, Texas, beginning Thursday. Since there will be no gate receipts from the NWIT, all expenses must be paid by NIU. The estimated cost is expected to be $13,000.

Also, NIU’s women’s gymnastics squad made the NCAA regionals which will be held in Auburn, Ala. April 6. The anticipated cost is expected to be $7,000.

The money will be used to pay for the teams’ air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations and meals.

“All that money may not be spent, but that’s what it’s allocated at. All estimates are probably high,” Associate Athletic Director Keith Hackett said.

Since the women’s gymnastics team is in NCAA competition, NIU will receive a partial reimbursement for the per diem, but probably not until the beginning of the next fiscal year. This is the procedure for postseason play and is the reason the contingency fund exists.

“NIU will get nothing back from the NWIT. There will definitely be a reimbursement for the gymnasts if they go to Nationals,” NIU Associate Athletic Director Cary Groth said.

“Probably two to three gymnasts will go to Nationals, but I don’t anticipate that the whole team will make it to Nationals,” Groth said.