Facts are all in

In response to the Jan. 15 The Northern Star editorial regarding the events in Lithuania, we are deeply angered at the ignorance displayed by the author as to Gorbachev’s involvement in the attacks on Vilnius, in which 14 Lithuanians were killed and several hundred injured.

The editorial claimed all the facts are not in. The facts are that not less than two hours before Soviet troops stormed Lithuania’s capital, Gorbachev promised he would not use military force to suppress the peaceful pro-independenc movement, but rather send in officials to assess the situation peacefully.

Claiming he did not authorize the attacks, Gorbachev claimed he learned of them only after they happened, yet he did not condemn the attacks or apologize, but instead said it was Lithuania’s fault for being too restless.

Rather than expressing remorse for the attacks, Gorbachev and the Soviet Union for their direct actions.

All over the Soviet Union people want democracy and freedom, and we must support them and acknowledge Soviet wrongdoings, before the atrocities in Lithuania repeat themselves.

Ramona Povilatis