War in Gulf – it’s for real

Less than 1 percent of the NIU population give a hoot about the war in the Middle East, or at least this is the message given by the only 200 students and faculty present at Thursday’s rally.

The King Memorial Commons should have been flooded with students and faculty. If not to give voice to their opinions, to at least listen to those who have differing opinions.

Protesters across the country have been making public their views on the war, however, here at NIU just a few have voiced their concerns or support.

Although blocking Lake Shore Drive and federal buildings are extreme cases of protest, the war cannot be suppressed in the back of everyone’s mind. War has started, than a voices banning together. Once emotions run high and violence becomes a replacement for frustration, the cause becomes secondary to the actions by protesters and police.

Unfortunately, people on both sides of the war’s fence make wrong assumptions about the other. Protesters are not protesting the soldiers in the Persian Gulf.

Demonstrator Shawn Brooks discovered at Thursday’s rally that silence is a powerful indicator. Brooks asked who was against the war and received cheers. He then asked who was against the soldiers and received silence.

People in support of the war are not for the war. Nobody is for war.

The war should not be used as an excuse to stop living, but it cannot be ignored either.