Board discusses plans for new football coach

By Carl Ackerman

Several issues were discussed at Wednesday’s NIU athletic board meeting, but perhaps the highlight was the discussion of NIU’s replacement of former head football coach Jerry Pettibone.

Pettibone officially announced his departure from NIU and his acceptance as head football coach for Oregon State University in a Wednesday afternoon press conference at Corvallis, Ore.

NIU Athletic Director Gerald O’Dell said at the board meeting that a new head coach will be chosen as soon as possible.

“Our goal is to hire the best person possible. Hopefully, we can do this by the first or second week of January,” O’Dell said.

February 13 is the deadline for finding a replacement for Pettibone, who served six years at NIU.

O’Dell said NIU will be advertising for a new head football coach in several papers throughout the nation beginning Wednesday. O’Dell said he has already received a lot of phone calls for the job opening.

Athletic Board Chairman Ray Dembinski said this is one of the better times to look for a new coach, because many coaches come to the end of their contracts at the year’s end. Many will be out there looking to make a move, Dembinski said.

The board also approved no changes for the 1991 NIU football ticket prices. A tournament for the NIU women’s basketball team at University of Iowa was approved for next season. In addition, the board approved NIU’s soccer team to play in a tournament in New York Sept. 7 and 8, 1991.