Senate must look within

It’s about time the Student Association is hearing something from one of its own.

SA Recycling Adviser Dave Broustis tried to make some heads turn by addressing the senate with its continuous cycle of getting nothing done.

And although Broustis could have used a bit more tact in his assessment of the SA’s accomplishments, he couldn’t be more right with The SA Circle.

From the botched elections to the failed impeachment, the senate has shown it has done little to nothing for the rest of the student body because there are too many internal squabbles.

Broustis’ attempt was a difficult task and one that took a lot of guts which he should be congratulated for. However, unless others in the senate begin following his lead, The SA Circle will continue into next semester.

Perhaps Student Affairs administrators should have stepped in to lend a helping hand or even a slap back to reality, but getting help should begin within the organization.

Hopefully Broustis’ slap will jump start senators into realizing they don’t have all the answers and need to get some help.

Nobody expects a new employee to know how to do everything the day he or she begins. But people do expect them to know to ask questions when they don’t know what to do.

And although the semester is practically finished, senators had better ask now if they intend on stopping The SA Circle.