TV-8 isn’t CNN

On election night, Nov. 6, I turned to CNN to receive election results. After all, CNN has the best news coverage in the world. At 8 p.m., however, I got TV-8 News instead.

They were showing pre-recorded interviews with local politicians, which were inappropriate, considering that the polls had already closed.

Don’t get me wrong; my friends and I watch TV-8 all the time. We love it when they superimpose pictures upside down and backwards, and when the anchorpeople look at the wrong camera and they look back just as the cameraman switches to the other one. Their blunders are hearty TV entertainment.

I feel, however, that if there is a nationwide story, such as an election, or God forbid, a disaster of some sort, during the TV-8 time slot, they should give it up for one night.

After all, if the “Big One” hits California, I don’t want to be watching the evening farm report…with the picture backwards, of course.

Philip Johnston