Clouds issues

It was sometime around 2:30 p.m. on March 21 when I watched the UPs clean out the political stench from a Board of Regents meeting. It was becoming too thick for even me to bear. I’m speaking of the arrest of Ban ROTC Immediately Coalition members Tom Rainey and Joe Kruger. I stand behind the GLU but cannot stand with this sham of a “coalition” constructed by FEMINISTFRONTFORUMFORMARXISTHUMANISTTHOUGHTFREEDOMNOW (essentially the same four-and-a-half people with a self-induced case of paranoid schizophrenia).

Whenever these clowns get their irresponsible hands on an issue, they rob it of the careful consideration it deserves. By turning it into a cheap sideline circus with tabloid style radicalism, they fractionalize campus for their own benefit—us against them. RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC. Pointing the moralistic finger is easy.

One might think these few uncreative radicals would finally realize that protesting and endless unproductive meetings with each other are only means to an end and not an end themselves. But I’m afraid this is too much to ask. My God! It might actually require some time and effort to work through a problem encouraging change instead of demanding it.

This brings me to another point. Take a close look at their newest personalities name: Ban ROTC IMMEDIATELY “Coalition.” What makes these self-indulgent FEMINIST…NOW creeps believe that campus or the university should do anything they demand “IMMEDIATELY.” Real change takes real time and real work. It’s not like changing channels on a TV set.

You also might ask yourself what this “coalition’s” real agenda is. Is it ending discrimination or ending the ROTC? Their flyers say nothing about opening campus to a discussion of the topic, only “ROTC off campus.”

Ever since I met Tom Rainey some four years ago, I think he has had a personal agenda of eliminating the ROTC. Are they using this issue to further their own ends?

I’m thoroughly disgusted with FEMINIST…NOW making a mockery of the issues. They do much more harm clouding the issues than good solving them. Next time these children interrupt a university meeting with grade school chants demanding anything, drag them out by their ears and paddle their behinds with a stiff fine.

Robert Ferrera


Ceramic Arts