Violent process

Sarah Weddington’s argument for the continued legalization of abortion is not convincing because it contains salient fallacies.

Weddington argues that a woman should not be forced to undergo the violence of pregnancy and childbirth.

Violence is not a characteristic of a pregnancy or birth. Violence is an unjust or unlawful application of force. While pregnancy can be uncomfortable and childbirth can be painful, neither one is unnatural or unlawful. Both are in conformity with the natural biological function of a woman’s body. Pregnancy and childbirth are the natural consequences of the human reproductive act.

The truth is that abortion is the act of violence. Although it is legal, abortion runs contrary to natural law, as well as moral and economic law.

The final outcome of a birth and an abortion is a baby. The glaring difference is that the birthing process aims at producing a live infant, while abortion intends to forcibly extract a dead one.

Now, which in your opinion is the act of violence?

Guadalupe Lynch