Right idea, but try again

It is good to see Student Association senators thinking about how to improve their election process, but the new party system proposal might not be the best way to go.

Although former SA Sen. Michael Murvihill claims he gave the SA Internal Affairs Committee a “fair and simple” proposal, it might not be appropriate for NIU.

Under Murvihill’s plan, a prospective senator must form a political party—not necessarily traditional—and circulate petitions to get on the ballot.

The good part about the proposal is that prospective senators would have to create some type of political platform and students would have something more to vote for than just geographic location. However, not all students on this campus who might be interested in running for the senate would want a party affiliation. And where would a “political anarchist” fit into this system?

Murvihill had the right idea by trying to give the students more say in who sits on the senate, but the proposal completely eliminates an individual from running unless they can put a party together.

Developing new ideas for the election process is definitely a positive move by the senate, even if the idea was presented last year. The senate should now go one step further and develop more ideas so it can get rid of the districting method that failed this semester.