A wandering mind thoughts to ponder

By Gina Quilici

In my past list columns, “Don’t you hate it when” and “Why?”, I tackled a number of different issues that I felt were important and funny, yet would lose their basic appeal if I rambled on for the entire column length. So, to keep you from getting bored I shortened the topics to blurbs and created the lists.

Seeing as how quite a large number of things as well as people have really grated on my nerves lately, I felt the time was right for another list. As is customary, my list will be filled with the same usual sarcasm for which you have come to know and love me. OK, maybe love is a little strong, but humor me.

As a sister column to “Don’t you hate it when,” this week I present you with “Don’t you love it when.” Don’t be alarmed if some of the points are similar to things I’ve said in the past. It just means I’m really trying to make a point. OK, here we go.


1) You finally begin pulling out your spring clothes, the weather starts clearing up, and out of the blue we get yet another blizzard. Of course some of you don’t care and still insist on wearing your shorts and other short-like outfits. Don’t ya just love those people? I know I sure do. They really affirm my faith in the intelligence of the human race.

Just as a side note, have you ever noticed these storms always happen on or around a Thursday? Really throws a monkey wrench into the Thursday night plans doesn’t it?

2)—This applies to the ladies only—You can’t find any stocked and working bathroom dispensers to obtain some feminine protection, yet the all the condom machines in the women’s bathrooms are full and operational. Men, I kid you not. Ask any woman who’s run to a DuSable bathroom in an emergency. This situation NEEDS to be remedied.

3) Don’t you love it when people who know nothing about you or your job—although they insist they do—tell you how they think you should perform your duties and cut you down personally in the process just to make themselves feel better? Gee Gina, what are you trying to say? Do people do that to you? Surely not.

4) How about when your teacher schedules your midterm on the Thursday or Friday before spring break just to make you show up for class and says he or she’s not giving any make-up or early exams? This might not be so bad, but how about if you’ve already made reservations or plans to leave Thursday morning, or even Wednesday night? Bummer!

5) On a lighter note, Hey seniors! Don’t you just love it when you know you’re graduating in MAY? I know I do!

6) You’re trudging to class in this horrid, messy arctic weather. You’re standing on the curb waiting for a safe moment to cross the street so as not to get hit by a bus and some loser drives by and splashes you with a puddle of dirty slush just like in the Wisk commercial. Thanks pal, my day wasn’t bad enough.

7)—Here’s my personal favorite, keep in mind that it really is a true story—Don’t you love it when you’re enjoying dinner at a local restaurant, which will remain nameless, and your friends bites into something odd in his food? He pulls the bite away only to find a nasty, used band-aid in his meal. Even Tums can’t handle that job, let me tell ya.