TV, VCR reported stolen

By Mark McGowan

A television set and video cassette recorder were reported stolen from the Wesley Foundation, 633 W. Locust St., Thursday night, DeKalb police said.

The stolen equipment, totaling $750, was last seen late Thursday afternoon in the building’s upstairs lounge, said Rev. David Schmidt. Schmidt said the TV and VCR were noticed missing Friday morning.

“I’m not sure how they got in,” Schmidt said. “It was our first ‘real’ theft in the four years that I’ve been here.”

Schmidt speculated the thieves took the equipment for their own use. “It was basically new equipment,” he said. “They probably saw it at our meetings and wanted it for their own room.”

The Wesley Foundation used the equipment to entertain children during Sunday school hours and while the children’s parents were busy with things like choir practice, Schmidt said. It also was used for educational purposes.

Schmidt said he does not know if foundation officials will purchase new equipment or wait for the police to recover the items. They also filed for insurance recovery Wednesday although Schmidt said he is unaware of the coverage.