Students abuse

I would like to address all the students who live in residence halls. On occasion, the many facilites in the residence halls break or are out of service. Usually the damage or inconvenience is the fault of a resident. All I ever hear is complaints by the residents.

Instead of being grateful that what is wrong is being fixed, residents constantly complain that it’s such an inconvenience for them. I have heard many people complain about the elevators when I’ve seen those same people play with the doors and buttons. I’ve heard many people complain about the laundry machines when I’ve seen them stuff the machines too much with clothes and use the machines in the wrong way.

If we were in our homes, we wouldn’t treat or abuse our belongings like this! Well, these residence halls are our “homes” now! I think if everyone expressed a little more concern, complaints would not need to be made.

Patty Yesko