Latin group to perform

By Mark Gates

After the game and all the mindless diversions this weekend, won’t you be ready for a little culture? How about a few melodies from south of the border?

The Mexican musical group “Los Folkloristas” will perform Sunday, at 7 p.m. in the Music Building’s Boutell Concert Hall.

The group performs Mexican and Latino music and has been performing internationally for over 20 years.

“Los Folkloristas” is one of the leading musical groups in Latin America. They have recorded over 25 albums and were featured on the movie soundtracks of “Under Fire” and “El Norte.”

Michael Gonzales, history professor and director of NIU’s Center for Latino and Latin American Studies, said the concert will help explain Latin American culture, folklore, and history through narrative explanations of the songs.

The group’s visit is sponsored in part by NIU’s Center for Latino and Latin American Studies, which was formed in 1985. The purpose of CLLAS is to determine faculty requirements for Latin studies, and to determine curriculum requirements for Latin studies minors.

CLLAS is considering changes to the Latin studies minor, Gonzales said. The center is also looking for an assistant director who is an expert in Latino studies, he said.