Local efforts for global problems

The environment, the hungry and the homeless.

We hear too much, too often about these global problems, but yet we seldom do anything to help. The problems seem too enormous, and the people they affect seem too far away. We seem all too complacent.

Thanks to the NIU Campaign Against Hunger—along with other campus organizations—we all can lend a hand and try to give the hungry and homeless a little bit more than they have.

This Saturday, April 15, a campus-wide cleanup will help beautify our surroundings.

Those who participate in the cleanup can raise money which will help fund national and international hunger projects. Some of the money also will go to local projects, such as Feed Our Older DeKalb and the PADS homeless shelter.

Participants will gather pledges, and after the drive is complete, money will be collected.

The money will undoubtedly help, even if we might not be able to see immediate results.

But visual results are not important. The importance lies in the effort and the knowledge of the problem.

So your days of not being able to help are over. Take a couple of hours Saturday and show you care for those who are less fortunate than you.

Our campus will look better, some people will eat better and some might get a good night’s sleep.